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Joe Mc Elderry

X Factor Winner 2009

Joe McElderry
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This is an community for fans of Joe Mc Elderry. Talk, share music and whatever floats your boat :P
This is a community for the lovely Joe Mc Elderry. Doesn't he have a lovely voice. Join please and share.
Hi, and welcome to the community. Thanks for joining.

Rules are simple.

1. Anything related to Joe McElderry is allowed.
2. With news articles, please put a source
3. With pictures and videos if there's alot please use an lj-cut.
4. Don't join if you don't like. (Insulting will result in a ban, con-crit is accepted).
5. Be nice to other members of the community.
6. I'm Mel, your mod. Anything you want to know, ask me =)